The Label League is an elite group of super moms and dads who act as Earth's first line of defense against terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, and inter-dimensional lost-and-founds.

They wage war against sinister agents of Chaos like Identi-Foe, Disorganization Bot and the dreaded Permanent Marker Man.

If you have what it takes to fight for a world with Oliver’s Labels, then suit up and sign in to join the Label League today.

If you love Oliver’s Labels, join the Label League (our Referral Program) and earn 15% commission on your friends’ orders. Plus, your friends can use your special coupon code worth 10% off… so it’s a win-win-win!

When you join the Label League, you get a custom website link and coupon code. When your friends use your link, they can also use your coupon to get 10% off their order. Your link puts a cookie in their browser so you keep earning money on their future purchases. If you’re an Oliver’s Labels fanatic who labels everything that leaves your house, use your own link and coupon so you get extra discounts on your own orders!

Easily keep track of your commissions and when you’re ready, contact us to request a check, PayPal payment or Oliver’s Labels gift card.

We provide an assortment of marketing materials that come “stamped” with your link to help you spread the word! Our digital assets include images for social media, banners and emails to send to your friends. We also have a selection of printables like pocket flyers, brochures and posters.

Do you think Oliver’s Labels would be the most perfect and practical fundraiser for your child’s school/preschool/daycare/camp/sports team/bird-watching enthusiast club? If you introduce a fundraiser to Oliver’s Labels, you earn 12% of all of their sales. Sweet!

Earning commission is as easy as sharing a link. Sign in or create your Oliver’s Labels account and then join the Label League... and be a part of the movement to eradicate the lost-and-found for good!

Read more details about the Label League Referral Program here.


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